7 Bad Credit Auto Loans Tricks to Get Approved Regardless of Your Credit History
By admin | September 4, 2020 | Budget, Business, Finance

One of the most frustrating parts of adulthood is getting disapproved of an auto loan you desperately need. Often, the reason you don’t get approved is due to the state of your credit history.

If you don’t believe your credit is sufficient enough to get approved for an auto loan, don’t give up all hope yet. There are several tricks you can try to boost your chances of getting approved, even with a crummy credit score.

  • Save as Much as Possible for a Down Payment.

The higher the down payment, often, the more likely it is that you’ll get approved for any loan. After all, the entire purpose of a down payment is so the lender can gain enough capital to help fund the loan. In addition, the down payment can serve as a backup plan for the lending institution just in case you are unable to pay your loan on time.

To top it off, the greater your down payment is, the more financially responsible you’ll appear and, thus, trustworthy a lender will consider you.

  • Consider Different Lenders.

It might be stressful trying to decide which lending institution to opt for when considering an auto loan. However, the fact that there are different lenders out there can also be a good thing because every lender has different requirements, meaning that some may be more lenient than others.

  • Make Sure the Auto Loan Amount You’re Applying for Isn’t too High.

The more money you ask to borrow from a lender, the higher the expectations they’ll have for you. The opposite is true if you ask for a smaller amount of money; expectations won’t be as strict. So, always make sure the loan amount you’re asking for isn’t too big given your current financial situation.

  • Improve Your Credit Score if You Have Time.

Are you planning on getting an auto loan a little later down the road? If this is the case, do what you can now in your power to improve your credit score. Pay upcoming credit card payments on time, tackle old debts, and refrain from applying for other loans or credit cards in the meantime.

  • Check for Errors in Your Credit Reports.

It’s possible that your bad credit score may not be so bad after all. On paper, your score might be low, but it’s a possibility that your score could be negatively impacted by a mistake on your credit report. To verify that your credit score is accurately represented, it’s a good idea to check your credit reports to verify that they contain correct information.

  • Apply for a Bad Credit Auto Loan.

There really is such a thing as bad credit auto loans that are specifically meant for applicants with bad credit scores. If you happen to have an unfavorable credit score, be on the lookout for lenders who are willing to accept people with scores within your range. However, even these lenders may want you to have a minimum credit score.

  • Don’t Rush to Apply for an Auto Loan.

Everyone gets excited and anxious when it comes to applying for an auto loan. The quicker they apply, the faster they’ll get approved. Well, not necessary.

Let’s just say that if you jump the gun, you can most definitely be applying too early. In turn, you might just get your application rejected. That being said, it’s best to wait until it’s the right time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the “perfect” time, but it should be a time when you feel comfortable and confident.


Applying for an auto loan can be anxiety-provoking but oh-so-exciting. But it’s scary to apply for an auto loan if you believe your credit score will prevent you from getting approved. The good news is, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting approved, even if your score isn’t in the “good” or “perfect” range.

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7 Bad Credit Auto Loans Tricks to Get Approved Regardless of Your Credit History