Best ideas to earn mailbox money today
By admin | June 14, 2022 | Finance
Mailbox money

There are several ways to obtain money in the mailbox. For example, you could aim to pay off a particular loan, such as a credit card, or you might wish to save for a home or a vacation.

Mailbox money may be a way for some people to permanently leave their day jobs if they can swiftly develop it into a meaningful revenue stream.

What is mailbox money?

The mailbox money meaning is to have the money delivered to your mailbox with no or little effort. In the past, this meant receiving checks in the mail; now, it’s all about passive income that comes into your bank account without any effort on your part.

Nipsey Hussle’s last commercial mixtape, “Mailbox Money,” introduced the concept of mailbox money to a broader audience. 

Best ideas to make mailbox money

Passive income is what mailbox money is all about. If you’re prepared to put effort and money upfront, you can reap the benefits every month. We’ve compiled the top Passive income ideas for the mailbox, from the tried-and-true to the unconventional.

1. Investing  in Real estate

Passive income ideas

Mailbox money real estate is one of the most acceptable methods to make money from your mailbox (but it’s likely the revenue stream that began this trend since tenants would give you check-in in your mailbox per month).

As a landlord, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money buying and maintaining conventional real estate buildings, which may be expensive. However, the internet has transformed investing in real estate, which has made it simpler, cheaper, and faster than ever before.

2. Buy Dividend-paying stocks

It’s a terrific method to get some extra cash in the mail by making stock market investments! Why is this so? After you’ve made the first investment, there’s little to no effort required. Seriously. Investing in dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds is the secret to making that money. Stocks that reward you by just holding them.

It’s not going to be a large amount of money if you start small. However, if you continue to invest and build your portfolio, you will be able to live comfortably on the dividends you get each month in the long run.

3. Rent your property

Mailbox money real estate

You may also consider renting out a property or an extra room in your home — or, even better, renting out a separate room with an attached bathroom or a whole spare property. But, again, it is ideal for generating passive income.

4. Earn interest through a Savings account

There are a plethora of ways to make money from your mailbox, but this one is a safe and easy method without putting in any time or effort. In addition, if you already have some money saved up, you may earn interest on it by investing in a high-yielding account. By mailbox money investments, you can get passive income.

5. Engage in personal lending

Individuals who lend money to other people who can’t receive conventional finance, known as peer-to-peer lending, are becoming more popular to make money. It’s easy to locate a peer-to-peer lending platform that works for you since there are so many options.

6. Lend to businesses

Mailbox money investments

In recent years, lending money to companies has been a new trend in the postal money industry (rather than people). Even while some risks are involved, some individuals believe this is safer (but still not wholly risk-free).

7. Build an online empire

It’s possible to generate money in the mailbox by building an online business, including affiliate programs, Amazon FBA, drop-shipping, etc. In terms of resources, that’s one of the less expensive options, but it does need some time and work.

8. Become an affiliate marketer

Many online influencers and bloggers make money via affiliate marketing. The more traffic or sales your website creates for an online retailer, the more money you may make by spreading the word about their product or service to your target audience. If a visitor to your site clicks on an affiliate link, you will get a commission. It’s obvious.

9. Rent your vehicles(car/truck etc.)

Renting your belongings is becoming increasingly commonplace. My point is that you can generate money by renting your stuff like a vehicle. Of course, if you want to get the most out of this, you’ll need to make a few more attempts to achieve the experience even better.

10. Sell your stuff

All money-making ideas aren’t created equal. You may also get fast money by selling your old things. Bulky products with high delivery costs may be better off being sold locally.

11. Start a dropshipping business

This is a kind of business wherein you sell something you don’t have in stock. Someone orders from you, and then you go via a wholesaler to get your hands on it and send it to the client. Alternatively, profits are yours to keep once all costs are paid!

12. Earn Royalty income

Every TV program, movie, and more uses background music. How do they do it? They buy it from music catalogues and pay license costs. Demand for music has never been more robust, thanks to YouTube. In order to get picked up by music libraries, you must first create your music and submit it to them. You may be paid royalties if your music is used.


Starting a project might be difficult. Whether you opt to rent a room or spend some additional cash, plan ahead of time and be ready to investigate. So you can obtain some mailbox income this year and block out time in your schedule to perform your responsibilities.


What is meant by mailbox money?

With little or no effort, you may receive money in your inbox. This used to imply receiving checks in the mail, but nowadays, it signifies passive money that comes in without any work.

How can I make money from my mailbox?

Even if you don’t sell anything, there are three methods to profit from your email list.

  • Marketing through affiliates. Several brands and corporations would gladly give you a percentage of sales you create for them.
  • Email list rental or sale
  • Advertise in your newsletter.

However, there are many more ways.

How can I make a passive income with no money?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic method to earn money online passively. If your site has high-converting traffic (from high-value keywords), you may earn excellent passive revenue through affiliate marketing.

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Best ideas to earn mailbox money today