Explaining the Labor Force Participation Rate Formula: Are We Experiencing a Decline in the Working Population?

Whether you’ve heard of the labor force participation rate formula or not, this is the article that’s going to detail everything you need to know. 2020 has been a very strange and surreal year, to say the least, and the world has changed in ways we could have never predicted, especially when referring to the […]

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Mailbox money
Best ideas to earn mailbox money today

There are several ways to obtain money in the mailbox. For example, you could aim to pay off a particular loan, such as a credit card, or you might wish to save for a home or a vacation. Mailbox money may be a way for some people to permanently leave their day jobs if they […]

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Rich vs Wealthy
Rich vs. Wealthy: Key Differences You Need To Know

Rich vs Wealthy, despite their unique connotations, the rich have become more difficult to distinguish. The longevity of a person’s wealth is a defining characteristic of a wealthy individual. The rich have enough assets amassed that they need not worry about running out of money shortly. Being wealthy without ever being successful is a common […]

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Gross Profit Ratio
How to Calculate Gross Profit Ratio: The Complete Formula Explained

Gross Profit Ratio is calculated by dividing your revenue by your gross profit. Owning a small business isn’t easy; it can take a while before it actually starts becoming profitable. There should be an easy way to determine whether you’re actually making money or not. Luckily, there is! It’s called the gross profit ratio, and […]

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11, 2018

A Solution to the Modern Challenges: Can the Blockchain Technology Revolutionize the Supply Chain?

Crypto, News
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There is more to blockchain technology than cryptocurrencies. Digital ledgers are highly functional recordkeepers. Supply chains have needed an innovation in recordkeeping for some time. Current Challenges Facing Supply Chains The technological revolution outpaced supply chains. Once products could not move fast enough. Now, innovations in transportation, storage, and production have grown exponentially in terms […]

11, 2018

Simplifying Your Financial Life: How Tolley.Ai and Other Tax Bots Can Help You Answer Your Accounting Questions

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If you haven’t adopted and implemented advanced technologies that can help you solve accounting questions easier and faster, then you should think of doing that right away. This is because, artificial intelligence will come with benefits like reduced costs and time, increase in productivity, and improved accuracy. Because of its numerous benefits, organizations are beginning […]

10, 2018

Upping Your Score: How to Improve Your Credit Responsibly

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What did you find on your last credit report? Improving your score and getting your credit where you want it can take time. This seems like an unfair challenge when you consider how many years’ worth of history stays on the report. But with a few rules of thumb and some patience, you can safely […]

10, 2018

Making the Best with What You Have: 6 Ways to Shop on a Shoe-string Budget

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A Shoe-string budget enables anyone with a low income to spend only on the basic necessities. He or she is aware of the low income and therefore needs to have a clear plan on his or her expenses. If you don’t know what a shoe-string budget is? Perhaps you should know about it. Shoe-string budget […]

10, 2018

Homeowners, Now You Can Earn Something on the Side by Renting Out a Room with Airbnb

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Homeowners are always being offered ways to unlock the equity in their homes. A lot of the ways suggested involve either selling part or all of an asset, or some type of loan/mortgage deal. Surely there are other ways to get some cash back out of your home, right? Well, there is. If you’re living […]

10, 2018

Life Is Made of Time and Choices: 7 Examples of Opportunity Costs You Incur Every Time You Make a Decision

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Life is short and full of choices. Choices that make or break us. We all love success and to look back someday and appreciate the choices we made. You won’t like regretting the decision you make today if its outcome won’t be as you’d expect, right? If you decide to do one thing, you won’t […]

10, 2018

These 3 Credit Card Apps Will Help You Get the Most Out of Credit Card Rewards

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Credit cards have gone through a variety of phases in how they’re viewed. Originally they were seen as a genius idea, a way for people to make purchases based on their ability to pay the cash back at a later date. This is great for emergencies or for a large purchase which you’d otherwise have […]

09, 2018

Modern Age Entrepreneurship: 10 Types of Businesses You Can Run from the Comfort of Your Home

Business, Finance
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If you’re not a fan of grinding your days away at the office and you’d like to be actively engaged in a lifestyle that’s more fulfilling, flexible, and allows for more freedom, the modern times offer plenty of alternatives. To make you see what’s possible, we’re going to briefly go over 10 of them just […]

09, 2018

What Lies Beneath the Surface: Is Student Loan Forgiveness Truly Worth It?

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We’ve all got the emails and seen the ads of companies looking forward to forgive your student debt if you meet certain criteria. To fully convince you take immediate action, the message is usually accompanied by testimonials from people who’ve benefited from similar programs and who are forever grateful for the services of the companies […]

09, 2018

Financing Your Dreams: Is Home Equity Loan the Right Choice for You

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A home equity loan is one of the most common types of loan available and can be a great way to provide you with the credit you need. Whether you’re looking for student credit or college tuition funds or even just looking for a new car or kitchen, a home equity loan can provide. However, […]